Stories Behind The Names

All deaths in War are tragic but some have a particular poignancy and the research revealed some of these cases.

A Double Tragedy For Nellie Gibbon 

Nellie Gibbon married Ernest Lincoln 13th April 1918 Eight months later on 6th Dec 1918, aged 22, he died in Hospital in England he is buried in Garforth Cemetery. Seven years later in 1925, Nellie had a son, Kenneth Gibbon Lincoln, to an unknown father.Kenneth was killed aged 18 on 18th June 1943 just two weeks into his naval training.He is listed in the same grave as Ernest. Click on Kenneth’s link to read more of his fascinating story.
So Nellie lost her new husband in the WW1 and her young son in WW2

A Family Lose Two of Five Brothers

Fusilier George Prentis – Came on leave on a Friday in 1943 – He married Hilda Jackson on the Tuesday Returned to Duty Following Friday -He never came back. He was killed on 14th September 1943 aged 20.George is buried in Salerno War Cemetery in Italy
George’s older brother, Gunner John Robert “Jack” Prentis was killed exactly one year earlier on 11th Sept 1942 aged 22.Jack is buried in El Alamien Cemetery.

Two of Three Sons Lost

Roland and Edward Sissons were the younger sons of a wealthy farmer whose widow lived in Waterloo Manor
Lieutenant Roland Edward Sissons was Killed in Action 2nd June 1916 aged 25
Lance Corp. George Reginald Sissons Killed in Action 27th June 1918 aged 25
They were a rich family Widow listed as living on her own means Roland went to private school, trained to be a dentist. Left 9k in his will.

The Tragic Timing of Deaths

Many soldiers lost their lives within days of the end of hostilities. What contribution could these men have made to their families and communities?
Private Richard Cockram, killed one week before Armistice  on 4th Nov 1918 aged 19 and only six months after he enlisted. He lived in Strawberry Avenue and was a miner when he enlisted.
Private Sidney Charles Backhouse, killed just 12 days before Armistice 29th Oct 1918 aged 29 years old. He served with the Durham Light Infantry and was Married to Gertrude Peplow and lived at the Farm House near the Gaping Goose. He has no known grave.
Private Ernest Glover died seven days before the end of the war 4th November 1918 aged 20. He lived in Strawberry Ave. and served with KOYLI
Private Leonard Hepple died 10 day before Armistice on 1st November 1918. He was born in Windy Nook Co Durham. Lived in Poplar Ave and worked at the pit. He has no known Grave.
Sergeant Henry Smithson died 4 days before the end of the War on 7th November 1918. He was married and is buried in a CWGC in Garforth Cemetery.

They Died So Young

Herbert Dickinson was 18 when he was Killed on 14th July 1916. Herbert was one of 11 Children Living on Gascoinge Row also known as Colliery Row and locally as Long Curtain Row.
Lance Corporal John W. King was 19 when he was presumed dead on 9th October 1917. Born in Knaresborough and severed with Yorks. Light Infantry and 2nd Batln Lancashire Fusiliers
Ordinary Seaman Maurice Barker died aged 19 aboard HMS Blean 11th Dec. 1942
HMS Blean was torpedoed by U-443 on 11 December 1942 off Algerian Coast. The U-boat aimed one torpedo against her and then one against the convoy, but both hit Blean and she sank within four minutes with the loss of 89 men.91 men survived
Assistant Steward Frank Bleasby died aged 19 and 11 months on 12th Feb 1944
Able Seaman Jeffrey Walker died aged 19 aboard HMS Glorious 9th June 1940
Radio Officer Alec Simpson died aged 20 when HMS Fidra was sunk by a torpedo from Uboat U130 in North Atlantic off Lisbon. One week later USS Champlin depth charged this U boat and all 53 German submariners were lost. Does this exemplify the futility of war?