Norman Simpson – Sapper 1899388

Birth Registered Q4 1905

Son of William and Isabella
In Q3 1938 Norman married Kathleen Simpson nee Marginson (b.12th June 1912)
In 1939 Kathleen was living with parents Harry and Sarah M. at 54 Station Road. Her father was a Colliery Deputy.and she was a GPO telephonist.

Norman Served with the Royal Engineers
He died 11th July 1940 Aged 34
Nine men of the Royal Engineers were killed on 11 July 1940 when a bomb struck. Eight are buried in Melbourne Cemetery. Grave 3173
The BBC tells us: “The soldiers involved had been working on building the Melbourne military railway at the time of the blast.”
Commonwealth Grave Melbourne Cemetery Derbyshire

Norman Simpson Certificate

Father – William S. (b.20th August 1867 in Manston) in 1911 he was a Colliery Deputy (d.25th January 1939)
Mother – Isabella S.nee Dobson (b.20th January 1870 in Garforth) (d. 19th August 1944)
Married Q4 1889
Brother – Thomas William S. (b. 1892 in Garforth)
Sister – Mary S. (b. 1894 in Garforth)
Brother – Gilbert Dobson S.(b. 1898 in Garforth)
Sister – Elsie S. (b. 1900 in Garforth)
Sister – Dorothy Isabella S. (b. 1904 in Garforth)
Norman Simpson (b.1905 in Garforth)
Sister – Isabella S. (b.1909 in Garforth)
Sister – Nora S. (b.1910 in Garforth)
At the 1911 Census they were living in a four room dwelling at 171 Barrowby Lane. They had had 9 children one whom had died and they had been married 21 years
Brother – William S. (b. 29th November 1911).
In 1939 William, Isabella and William Jnr. were living at 14 Bank Row, Garforth. William jnr was a Farm worker Horseman
Photo: Norman’s parents Grave in Garforth Cemetery