Gordon Richard Land – Private 22379832

Birth Registration Q1 1932

Served with King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
Gordon was killed on 11th October 1951 in a period of heavy fighting, known as Operation Commando, which included the Battle of Hill 355 (Kowang San) and Hill 317 (Maryang San).  He is buried at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery, Busan, Korea (32-2-8, Grave no. 1568).  This is the only United Nations Memorial in the World.

He was the only local man to have died in the Korean War and appears on both Garforth and Kippax War Memorials

The Korean War began on 25th June 1950, when North Korea invaded neighbouring South Korea after years of growing tensions.  The result of this aggression would be more than three years of fighting that saw the United States and other United Nations (UN) countries intervene in support of democratic South Korea, and China enter the war on the side of the communist North Korea.

Family Details
Grandfather- Joseph Land – a joiner from Stanley
Grandmother – Betsy Land (nee Johnson)
Father – Colin Richard Land from Stanley (b 12th March 1897) (died 1974) (More Info in Clipping Below)
Mother Alice (nee Morton) from Woodlesford (b 1907) (died 1968)
They married 30th March 1929 in Swillington
They moved to Garforth and lived at 18 Gascoigne Terrace and 46 Main Street  
Brother – Derek Land (b 1933)
Family Detail provided by Ash Land ( Relationship to Gordon not known)